Baggerød as have over the years delivered many projects. Here are mentioned a few recent projects.

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Apply Leirvik MT (Statoil)

CIMC Yautai Raffles

Gina Krog LQ / Ivar Aasen LQ

  • External H doors
  • Internal H and A doors
  • Cabin windows, A-60
  • Public room windows, A-60
  • Internal B-doors
  • External A-doors
  • Ceiling- and wall panels


Illustr.: Statoil ASA

North Dragon Semi. Drilling Rig

  • Internal A class doors
  • External A class doors

Conoco Phillips (Aker Kværner)

Sevan Marine ASA

Ekofisk Field, Production unit 2/4m

Constructed at Aker Kværner yard, norway

  • External + internal pneumatic operated, blast rated A-60 and H-120 sliding doors
  • External + internal hinged A-60 doors
  • Jet fire shielding/flange deflectors


Illustr.: CIMC

FPSO Hummingbird

Constructed at CIMC Yantai Raffles yard, China

  • Hinged A60 Doors
  • Sliding A60  Doors
  • Sliding H120 Doors